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How are we performing?

The Council are committed to demonstrating the positive impact your recycling efforts are having. By clicking below you are able to see our performance at two different levels.

•'Recycle First' service - this includes all the materials collected through the kerbside collection service.
•Overall recycling performance - In addition to the 'Recycle First' service this section also incorporates the performance of all the Councils other household waste activities, such as street cleansing, fly tipping and household waste recycling centres.

Recycle first service Overall recycling performance

What impact are you having?

Not only do your recycling efforts help to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, they also make a significant contribution towards reducing our carbon footprint. Thanks to all your recycling efforts, last year we stopped over 31,795,578 kg of CO2 being generated*

That's enough to....

    Power 256,416 Dishwashers for a year


    Power 432,828 Washing machines for a year


    Power 392,538 Fridge freezers for a year
* CO2 calculations are made using DEFRA's Conversion Factors for Company Reporting, available here.
Appliance data is derived from (where multiple manufactures exist, example items are selected from the top 10 most efficient models)